What is the Best Dental School?

Those of us in the dental industry may think at times that it isn’t fair to look too much into league tables for the best dental schools. Having a degree from one of these top universities doesn’t necessarily translate into getting one of the best dental jobs, as research has shown. It is important to base your decision on choosing the right dental school on factors such as whether the local area is a place you can live in and enjoy, aswell as the financial cost of staying in the area you choose.

Whilst you shouldn’t follow the league tables to ultimately guide your decision, we thought we’d recommend three dental schools that we recommend. It is important to note that whatever dental school you choose, you will be able to graduate with a DDS or DMD degree. You can only become a qualified dentist that is legally obliged to practice if you have one of these degrees.

1.      University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMB)

UMB comes highly recommended from current students, aswell as recent graduates. It was actually the first recognized dental school in the world, so history is certainly on its side. Experts regard UMB as one of the pioneers in the dental education sector.

Aswell as the fascinating history of UMB, the university has an experimental pathology course for post graduates which is at the cutting edge of dental science. The post-graduate courses that UMB offers are taught by well renowned professors and researchers. The admission criteria for UMB is notoriously difficult, so it is important to consider other options aswell, as very few applicants are accepted. UMB is also looking to the future, as it recently extended in 2006 to accept more students.

2.      Harvard University, School of Dental Medicine

Harvard is certainly renowned the world over, but it is not normally associated with the dental industry. Despite this, the Harvard School of Dental Medicine is truly exceptional.


Harvard is a world-class University, with an astounding list of alumni, aswell as exceptional current students.Harvard also leads the league tables for many other degrees aswell. The University has a strong history of pioneering research which puts many other research institutes to shame.

While research is certainly one of the University’s dominant suits, clinical training also comes highly recommended by the experts.One negative of this University has to be the high yearly cost for completing the degree. You may have to seek funding in order to be able to afford this degree.

3.      The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Dental School


UTHSCSA comes highly recommended and has an enviable cohort of professors who teach on their degrees. UTHSCSA is able to allow their students to choose what speciality that they study. These selectives include many diverse courses that no other teaching institute provides such as molar endodontics for example.This is a truly excellent university and should be considered as a University to go to.