Tooth Colored Fillings – An Improvement Over Traditional Metal Fillings

One of the most common problems people suffering these days is that of tooth decay. Cosmetic surgery addresses dental problems by restoring overall structure of decayed tooth.

About It

Dental fillings are treatments, which are ideal for handling cavities. In past, most of the treatments were done using metal fillings. Now days, dentists have started using tooth colored fillings for restoring oral health of patients. Tooth colored fillings are an aesthetically appealing and safe option for treating a dental decay. These fillings are customized dental reclamation made up of either composite resign or porcelain.

How is It Better than Metal Fillings?

The traditionally used metal fillings have problem of visibility. The dark grey filling of silver almost looks black once it’s fixed into natural tooth structure. Moreover, it makes patients self-conscious about smiling, normal interaction with people and laughing.

In addition to that, there is some health issues associated with traditional dental fillings. These fillings often contain mercury which is highly toxic. The fillings can warp slightly, when exposed to high temperatures, contracting with cold and broadening with heat, which results in damage to teeth over time.

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Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

  • Improves Confidence

Tooth colored fillings repair teeth to cavity free and beautiful appearance. Knowing their teeth look metal free and pristine, patients are be able to smile with more confidence.

  • Replacement  of Old Metal Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are an improved restorations over old metal fillings as it improves strength and appearance of teeth treated previously.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Tooth colored fillings are more pleasing than traditional metal fillings option as these fillings blend with surrounding tooth so that no one gets to notice that patient has had dental treatment.

  • Safe for Teeth

In terms of safety, tooth colored fillings are safer when compared to metal fillings as traditionally used silver has tendency of contracting and expanding when it gets exposure to temperature. The constant contraction and expansion on tooth causes it to crack and breaking eventually. On the other hand, tooth colored fillings do not expand or contract and hence making them safer for teeth.

  • Customized Shade

Tooth color filling is made up of composite resin or porcelain, which is customized, shaded to match the neighboring teeth making it an unnoticeable cavity treatment.

  • No Discoloration of Tooth

Metal fillings like silver amalgam do not retain its color and change its color to grayish. While, tooth colored fillings give a better option of cavity treatment by not changing its color. Hence, there won’t be any discoloration of teeth in long run.

  • Durable

The solution provided by tooth colored fillings is long lasting and durable. If given proper care, it may last for more than 15 years.

  • Less Invasive

Unlike metal fillings, these fillings need minimum amounts of flawed tooth to be detached for replacement which assists in maintaining strength of tooth and minimizes the possibility of future breakage.

  • Easy to Break With

It’s for dentists to manipulate the composite material easily. This means they can use it for restoration of tooth decay in hard to reach places where amalgam is not an optimal choice.

  • Less Sensitive

Though all fillings are sensitive after the procedure, colored fillings are less. After a few weeks of treatment, pain relives and patient can resume normal drinking and eating habits.

  • Less Chances of Dental Galvanism

Fillings can give you electric shock type feeling as the material used in filling touches with dissimilar material leading to a chemical reaction. However this doesn’t occur with colored fillings.

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