Three New Ways to Think about Invisible Braces

How we look continues to be one of the things we all think about, every day. As we all know, first appearances can make or break a job interview, waylay a date and even make finding friends a bit of a chore. While there isn’t all that much you can do about some aspects of your appearance, your teeth and how your bite affects the shape of your face is something you can affect. It starts with making adjustments to your teeth. To do this you may need braces. But who wants a mouth of silver every time you smile? Lucky for you today we have invisible braces to help us look our best, even when we are wearing the braces to help us reach that goal.

The Health Benefits of Invisible Braces

While you may not have considered it, wire braces can cause many problems for the people who choose to wear them. Those wires can be uncomfortable, making it hard to stick to the regime that was decided on in the beginning. They can also lead to problems with your teeth later since food can get caught in the wires, creating extra tooth decay. With invisible braces, the wearer can eat whatever they choose, smile knowing they are showing a clean smile and never feel uncomfortable wearing their braces. These reasons are something anyone should consider when choosing the type of instrument to use to improve their appearance. shutterstock_241220434

Pain and Metal Braces

Many people are surprised to discover that when they start with a regime of using a regular metal brace it can hurt. The pressure being put on the teeth to realign them is relentless and sometimes can even lead to headaches and jaw aches. If you ignore the instructions of your dentist and go ahead and eat soft foods that stick such as caramels or something that can get caught between your braces such as popcorn, the result can be painful as you try to remove the offending food. In addition, it is easy to have a wire or bracket shift in your mouth so that it begins to poke at your cheek or your gums. This can be quite painful and in time cause health problems. With invisible braces the use of plastic aligners to move teeth instead of wire braces makes all of this a non event.

Bad Breath and Braces

For many who find they need to have braces on their teeth to correct wayward teeth, keeping your breath from becoming a problem is another cause for concern. Because those pesky wire braces have a habit of clinging to bits of food, even if you are a thorough tooth brusher, you can develop dog breath quite easily. We all know how that happens. When dogs breathe up close you can smell their food decaying in their mouth; it is why their breath is so horrible.

young woman checking her breath with her hand

By the same token, all those little bits of food that have a tendency to get lodged in the nooks and crannies of your wire braces can leave you with the kind of breath that could stop a battalion. Since many brace users are at the age where they have begun to date, that can have a negative effect on your love life, or even just your social life. Invisible braces take care of this problem because you can remove them when you brush your teeth, giving you a clear battlefield for removing plaque and all those bits of food.

So stop taking chances with your smile, get some of those invisible braces today and be sure your smile with be a winning one in years to come.