Quick Myths About Teeth Whitening Busted!

If you have been looking to enhance your smile, teeth-whitening is one of the best options out there. It is also one of the common cosmetic dentistry procedures, and it is extremely safe for all adults. In the medical world, it is often known as dental bleaching. Basically, as we grow, there is a buildup on the enamel of teeth, which changes the color and overall look. This can also lead to staining and change the way your teeth looks. With teeth whitening, you can choose to restore your flashing smile, which can be a big boost to the confidence. There are many myths around the procedure, which have been busted right below.

Myth #1 It is bad for your teeth

Many people believe that bleaching and cleaning of the teeth can actually damage the enamel. Well, this is completely false. If you are considering teeth whitening under a professional North York Dentist, there are no risks of enamel damage, whatsoever. Just make sure that you choose a dentist or dental clinic with care.


Myth #2 It can increase sensitivity

Well, people who have sensitive gums and teeth can still go for teeth whitening, although the dentist will have to take extra care. The dentist will do a complete check to find the reasons for sensitivity, and based on the actual reasons and causes, he will decide on the procedure, often reducing the impact of the cleaning process.

Myth# 3 – It cannot treat all stains

This is something that can be checked on the initial appointment. When you visit a North York Dental clinic, make sure to talk to your dentist about the possible results. Tetracycline staining can also be removed with teeth whitening, although it may take a longer period of time. Your dentist may want you to come for a few extra visits – that’s all.


Many people also have a fear that teeth whitening may also leave them with a superficial smile. Again, this is a myth, because the enamel color differs from person to person. You will not get the ‘Hollywood Smile’ with just teeth whitening. It takes a lot of advanced procedures, such as veneers, to get that extensive overdone look. If you have never undergone teeth whitening, you can consider taking an appointment. The good thing is the fact that the procedure doesn’t cause a fortune. Under an expert dentists, you can be assured of the results, without damaging the teeth.