Millennial Scrapbooking

Whatever happened to the photo album? Everything is digitized these days and not everyone is crazy about it. The fact that your most cherished photos and videos are floating up there in some sort of “cloud” can be very concerning to a lot of people. There are valid points to be discussed involving the security of this cloud. Everyone has heard about hackers that can type their way past a firewall faster than you make your morning eggs so it’s not a subject that can be easily avoided. Soon there will be one too many cloud hackings and everyone will revert right back to the old ways; an ancient activity known as film photography.

Nothing beats reaching into an old shoe box and pulling out a handful of random photos from across all different periods of life. No matter what, even the most surly curmudgeon has at least one photo that will bring them to laughter or tears, or tears from laughter. Furthermore, chances are they want that photo preserved. Enter the photo album. It’s undoubtedly the most successful way of cataloging and preserving your emotional cache, and you don’t have to break the bank doing it. Pick up these Groupon coupons for Shutterfly and save some money getting the actual photos to start putting this thing together. A thick, leather bound album that smells of rich mahogany is an absolute necessity, especially if you’re curating a special selection of these photographs and not just dumping into an album for cataloging purposes, in which case it’s quantity over quality.

The next photo album you pick up could very well be the last. The newest generation of youngsters have already dismissed them so there’s no telling when exactly the human race will move completely away from these mementos. You should have at least one album that doesn’t have very many embarrassing photos that you can keep out during gatherings. Let your friends flip through it and have a laugh. It’s a guarantee they leave your domain with a new appreciation for the sweet nostalgia of life.