Importance of Clenbuterol in PCT

Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic Beta-adrenergic receptor agonist, previously used to treat asthma and other breathing problems. But its use has now been restricted to physique building and gaining muscles. It is not approved by FDA and hence only available in the illegal market for sale. This drug is sometimes used in Post cycle therapy (PCT) after a user is done with his bulking cycle so that he can shed fat but at the same time maintain the muscle gains. A PCT stands for the mechanism applied to restore the hormonal level changes that have occurred due to rigorous use of steroids.

Users need an anti-catabolic PCT after a heavy bulking cycle and Clen is the best promising choice for its muscle sparing effects. Bodybuilders can easily burn fat and at the same time conserve their hard-earned muscles.

Why Clen during PCT?

Clen is preferred because it helps in maintaining the muscle mass (helping to make it everlasting) obtained after tremendous efforts. Clen will help to take high-calorie diet, without gaining body fat. Clen helps to achieve increased strength and endurance, speeding up the workout intensity and reducing the breaks in between. This drug acts as a re-partitioning agent, helps in improved muscle protein synthesis via mTOR-dependent pathways, fastens the breakdown of fat but at the same time relay fat-loss from bulky regions to parts where it’s necessary.

It is quite typical of most fat-burners to even cause muscle-tissue breakdown, but Clen acts as muscle-preserver.

How to run a Clen PCT?

Whenever you are using Clen pills, in a PCT or not, one must keep few things in mind. People are always advised to start with a low dose and then gradually raise it. They are recommended not to take the med late in the day or at night, because it may interfere with the sleep, causing insomnia. This drug should be incorporated with heavy carb diet since Clen is ineffective on a ketogenic diet. Users with lower body weight should never exceed a dose of 60mcg per day. If there are any complications observed, one should immediately contact the doctor.

Clen PCT can be carried off in two ways i.e. Solo or Stacked with other PCT agents. Solo Clen PCT involves; a dosage starting from 20to 40 mcg for a day or two before increasing it further. This will help to evaluate an individual tolerance level. The dose should range from 80-100 mcg/day for first three weeks, followed by 50-100mcg of T3 for the next three weeks. When Clen is stacked with other PCT agents for e.g., an estrogen receptor modulator Nolvadex of dose 10mcg/day with 80-100 mcg/day Clen. Other than these receptor modulators, Aromatase inhibitors are also used to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen by aromatase enzyme. This is important because increased levels of estrogen may cause water retention, hormonal imbalance, gynecomastia and fat expansion.

Before making any decisions, read all the reviews carefully, as to when to add Clen to your PCT. When do you need an anti-catabolic PCT?  Which steroids are good to stack Clen with? Do not make any hasty decision.