How Can Fat Grafting Surgery Enhance Your Looks?

Fat transfer is the procedure of transferring fat from areas having excess fat like outer thighs, abdomen to areas that lack fat such as your buttocks, breasts, hands and face. This well-tolerated, long-lasting, safe procedure leads to natural-looking results. This guide will brief you more such details of fat transfer surgery.

When Should You Go For Fat Transfer Surgery?

  • If the facial areas are sunken and creased.
  • If you want to have a permanent remedy as compared to temporary solutions.
  • If you’re desirous of revising your scars, improving your body contour, rejuvenating your face and hands, and filling bodily depressions.
  • If you want to go for breast enhancement.



Benefits of Fat Transfer Surgery

  • Results or fat transfer surgery are safe, long-lasting and natural.
  • It’s the best method to archive facial rejuvenation.
  • Fat transfer from one part of your body to some other part reduces chances of allergies. This is because here fat is taken from your own body.

Drawbacks of Fat Transfer Surgery

  • Preparation of fat tissues before transferring it is time consuming in comparison to fillers which are generally pre-packaged.
  • Though effects of this surgery last longer than fillers, it’s usually more costly than latter.
  • A patient may be required to undergo multiple sessions of liposuction to get the desired results.

How Good Are You For Fat Transfer Surgery?

The key aim of this surgery is to fill fat in volume deficient areas from the areas having excess fat. It’s important that some parts of your body have quite enough fat to donate to the other body parts. Besides this, it’s also vital that you’re not suffering from any circulation issues, be it smoking or other medical conditions.

  • Facial Fat Transfer

If you have smile lines, or laugh lines, excess fat can be removed from the areas like thighs and abdomen and can be injected in your face. Cheeks, lips, sunken facial areas and acne scars can also be treated with this surgery. However, it’s important that you appoint a professional and experienced surgeon like Dr Bernier for this surgery.


  • Breast Augmentation

If you want to enhance size of your breasts, fat grafting is a good option to go for. However, it’s important that your breasts have good size and shape for the procedure. If you have sagging breasts, and poor skin, this surgery is not for you.


Hope this guide has briefed you the required details about fat grafting surgery.