Dianabol – A review of the product

Since the middle 20th, as steroids gained more popularity and increase in their usage in sports, newer and more potent products came on the horizon. Throughout these years, many products came in that stood true to their claims and delivered what they promised, some made tall claims but vanished into oblivion pretty soon. One of the few products that have stood the test of time and came true to its word is Dianabol, a product that has gained an immense popularity and is not only widely accepted but also has garnered immense recommendation as well.

Dianabol – An insight in the Journey

Dianabol was presented to the world (and very soon in particular to the bodybuilding community) by Dr. John Bosley Ziegler. It soon also came to be known as D-Bol or Methandienone. Used to put on muscle in a very quick amount of time, and increase strength. It helps in increasing the uptake of Nitrogen by the muscle tissue thereby facilitating quicker recovery as Nitrogen happens to be one of the essential building blocks of proteins. The calculation is simple, the more the concentration of Nitrogen, the higher is the buildup of protein in the cell. Commonly available in capsule formulation, the normal recommended dosage is 3 capsules post workout. Optimum results start reflecting in approximately after 2 months provided this is coupled with proper diet and a consistent workout program, while taking Dianabol, one has to ensure that water intake remains high. When this is followed rigorously, Dianabol has shown to increase power output in individuals working towards increasing their strength as well as muscle quality. The most important advantage with Dianabol is that it has a relatively safe profile when it comes to hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. This is again in comparison with other products and in conjunction with an individual relegating to the recommended dosage. It is also available in injectable format and is most commonly used for bridging between cycles. The recommended dosage for males is 30 mg to 40 mg and for Females it is 20 mg to 25 mg per day, However, Dianabol in females has shown significant results even as at a dosage of 10 mg per day.

Commonly found side effects of Dianabol

No matter what level of efficacy Dianabol might exhibit, at the end of the day it is an Anabolic steroid and at the end of the day undesired and sometimes irreversible side effects are bound to show up in individuals who are using this to enhance their performance. Although considered relatively safe when it comes to its hepatotoxic profile, Dianabol has shown to damage liver if taken in excessive dosages. Some other side effects that may be visible in due course of time are its androgenic side effects like hoarseness of voice in females, growth of facial hair etc. oily skin and acne are also some of the common side effects associated with Dianabol usage. Dianabol should be avoided in particular by people with high blood pressure as it may increase blood pressure.